Senior Superlatives


Picture taken by Alyssa Roman

Every year around January to February, the Glenbard North yearbook conducts senior superlatives in the yearbook for Glenbard North High school for future memories for the seniors as time goes on. Laura Wilkens, Glenbard North yearbook advisor, conducted a poll on Schoology for the senior class to vote for their favorites for that category. This year there was a school-appropriate superlative vote for the yearbook and an unofficial vote on Instagram which was made by Natelli Herrera.

Seniors at Glenbard North High School have been in discussion about which seniors got nominated for what categories in the senior superlative polls. These categories ranged from the  biggest glow up, most likely to be found in the gym, most likely to be on a reality TV show, and most likely to travel the world. Yassa Zakhary, ’23,  speaks on the topic as he was nominated for biggest glow up of the senior class and won. Zakhary says, “I didn’t even want it or want to be nominated for it at first, but now I feel appreciated to be able to have the effort that I have been putting into myself.” Zakhary feels that this is only the beginning for him as he will continue on to just do himself and be himself.

Another student at Glenbard North, Delane Hammock, ’23, speaks on the topic as he was also nominated for biggest glow up of the senior class, and he shares the title with Zakhary. Hammock says, “I feel like it’s a backhanded compliment, even though I get compliments now from the people who wouldn’t look my way before I had “the Biggest Glow Up!” Hammock feels senior superlatives is a way for people to get a second chance to be able to prove themselves over the four years of high school.

Some students felt that the senior superlatives categories were a little boring this year and needed a little spice. Student Natelli Herrera, ’23,  speaks to us and says, “I decided to do senior superlatives outside of school because I thought that the school ones were kind of boring like, obviously, I wanted to put some spice into it and since my sister had also did [sic] the senior superlative outside of school in 2019, I kind of wanted to follow along on that as well.” Herrera knows that this poll will be such a great addition to the senior class because the categories for the school one were a little boring and needed a little spice to them. 

Many  juniors, sophomores, or freshmen in high school may ask why senior superlatives are a thing and why do they matter? Wilkens expresses to us, “It has been meant to allow students to feature or reward their peers with sincere or funny categories.” Wilkens wishes that through the yearbook team they are able to hopefully inspire the peers of the senior class, and become a keepsake and reference for the seniors as a high school memory and they are pushed into the real world on their own.