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UN General Assembly
Shivani Bhardwaj, Writer • October 21, 2021

On September 21st, 2021, President Biden delivered his United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) speech laying out an ambitious agenda. He stated in his speech that the US is starting “a new era of relentless...

One Hundred Days, To Make A Change
Ulrich Lazatin, Staff Writer • March 25, 2021

President Biden did not hesitate to make a change in the current status of America. He signed seventeen executive orders in his first few hours...

Covid Timeline
Colin Williamson, Staff Writer • March 25, 2021

As the nation passes a full year of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the number of vaccinations greatly increases each day, it seems...

A Memorable Homecoming - Fall Festival
Ria Patel, Editor • October 1, 2021

   After two years of self-isolating, Glenbard North is once again throwing a Homecoming! But what makes this year’s HoCo so special? This will be one night to remember with an unusual frame: instead of a crowded dance floor,...

Oh, the places you'll go
May 17, 2021

Illinois College of DuPage: Faith Agnew, Ashley Avelar, Anna Carrera, Kezia Chako, Prerak Chavda, Neeha Chawan Magar, Alyssa Marie Cordero,...

Who knew spitting could be so hard?
Jimmy Doan, Editor-in-Chief • February 2, 2021

The first few weeks of 2021 came with many new and exciting events: a new strain of COVID-19, the inauguration of the 46th president, and news...

Vidhi Patel, 21
Forced normalcy in a COVID world
Vidhi Patel, Assistant Editor-in-Chief • April 7, 2021

As strides in vaccinations are being made and states around the country are opening up again, the world is beginning to see hope of returning to a normal life. One such change towards pre-pandemic life...

Stacks on stacks: Billionaire wealth spiking with COVID
Vidhi Patel, Assistant Editor-in-Chief • December 1, 2020

There are countless tragedies to come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Life was changed entirely; lives and jobs were lost, businesses tanked....

We: The reason for change
Senna Abraham, General Editor • November 2, 2020

Rallies, protests, and Instagram pages addressing the lack of accountability and action taken by Glenbard District 87 have kicked off this school...

Valheim: The Valiant Tenth Realm
Valheim: The Valiant Tenth Realm
Rohan Rughani, Editor-in-Chief • April 13, 2021

Valheim has taken the gaming world by storm. The game was made by two veterans of the industry: Richard Svensson and Henrik Törnqvist. Within...

Emily in Paris: More Than Meets the Eiffel Tower
Charles Robert O'Leary, Staff Writer • March 25, 2021

(Spoiler WARNING)   With award season winding down, I thought it would be nice to look back at the most interesting show to be nominated...

Strike First, Strike Hard: Netflix's Cobra Kai
Hetansh Trivedi, Staff Writer • February 23, 2021

(Spoilers WARNING) Through its comedic satire, intense karate scenes, and the occasional teenage romance, Netflix’s “The Karate Kid”...

GNs retiring teachers
GN's retiring teachers
Vidhi Patel, Kevin Ha, Jimmy Doan, and Rohan Rughani April 29, 2021

Peter Giaquinta After getting his first teaching job in 1986, Peter Giaquinta is retiring from GN and saying goodbye to his teaching career....

First Year of Quarantine
Emily Mrowca, Staff Writer • March 23, 2021

Quarantine: a long weekend that seemingly never ends. A full year has already gone by since the beginning of this unusual period and many abnormal...

Tara Westover: Author of Educated
Shivali Patel, Staff Writer • March 18, 2021

On February 23, 2021, District 87 held one of their most anticipated Glenbard Parent Series events of the year with New York Times bestselling...

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