The M1 Apple Processor Overview


It is finally here! Apple has officially launched its new M1 processor for the next  lines of laptops and desktops. The change in Apple processors affects the GN community as the school is filled and run by Apple products. Understanding the M1 processor can help students and faculty comprehend the new iOS upgrade and if it is a necessity for schools in the Glenbard District. The processor is faster in its graphical performance and has an in-depth integration of iOS. Everyone wants to know if it is really worth it to buy a new Apple M1 equipped Mac. 

 According to, the compact hardware factors that the M1 has are remarkable. It has eight processor cores,  four of which are used for speed and the other four are used for efficiency. There are some flaws within the M1 processor as well. For instance, certain applications that are foreign to the M1 processor may not work so smoothly. To resolve this conflict, Apple’s solution  is the Rosetta II program which allows Intel-based software to run on the M1. This was the second trial for Rosetta. The first one ran in 2005 resulting in a reduced speed of the software, so running Rosetta II is a gamble.

The beneficial aspect of the new M1 processor for Apple is that it has been developed through generations of Apple products, hence it is very reliable and functional. Since the M1 processor will be used on other Apple devices such as iPhones, it will provide the laptop’s longevity in battery life compared to before. Since iPhones require an average battery life of 10-12 hours, it gives the same computations for a MacBook as well. Mainly, the M1’s biggest advancement is that M1 processor will be compatible with software in future iPhones and  iPads. This will allow for faster use of both interfaces, and create a unified experience for the Apple users. 

 Mohommad Saqib,21, praises the new direction that Apple is taking in the creation of its own processor. As an individual who is looking to purchase a new MacBook, he states how good of an investment the product is for a future college student to make. A MacBook can last students years to come with its new and improved processor.

Daniyal Bekinalker, ’22,  states that “It is such a big upgrade from the Intel chips that Apple was using for years, this new processor allows Apple to be more zoned in upon centers that they believe need to improve upon and not really rely on others at all.” Furthermore, Aditya Rao,  ’22, stated that the “ARM Architecture within the processor is a genius move done by Apple; it is like an all-in-one type of deal. You just need to have this one simple processor which will allow [users] to smoothly use their Apple products like never before.”