Are we going to Hollywood?

Since the beginning of the 2020 school year, many groups and clubs have had to change how they operate, including GN Theater. They have been working non-stop since the beginning of the semester to continue what they do best, which is producing plays. However, this year is different. GN Theatre has taken steps to ensure that this year will not go without a play as actors are unable to perform together on the stage. For the first time in GN history, theatre will create their first ever live-streamed movie.

The movie is based on a comedy written by Mark Setlock and Matthew Wilkas called “Pageant Play.” The play enters the world of child beauty pageants, through which viewers can see how parents treat their children. The actors will play the roles of the parents while their children will be symbolized by little pageant gowns on hangers. 

As there are restrictions on actors performing together, they are now performing in the comfort of their own houses. Supplies such as dresses, lights, and green screens are provided for the actors by the GN Theatre Department, but the duty of recording and performing are left for the actors to do. That means actors must pay special attention to camera angle, lighting, and the frame of the recording. Alongside the actors, the editing crew and sound crew have also been working hard. The movie editors are tasked with stitching together recorded scenes and replacing the green screen with a background that fits the story, and the sound crew finds appropriate music for the play while also making their own unique music. Although this is all very new and challenging to the students, they have found this experience to be very enjoyable and interesting.

After two and a half months, GN Theatre has finally finished their movie and are planning to stream it on November 20, 21, 27, and 28 at 7:30 PM. To help families that have been affected by the pandemic, GN Theatre has provided the option for families to pay for tickets on a “sliding scale.” That means buyers can choose the price they want to pay for the ticket. For those that can, GN Theatre has also provided an option to donate money to help offset the cost incurred to create the movie. Tickets can be purchased with this link. Those who purchase tickets will receive an email an hour prior to the premiere with the link to the movie.

In the future, GN Theatre may continue to produce more movies, with or without the pandemic. However, until the next movie, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy GN’s first ever movie.