GN Welcomes New Music Club: Pass the Aux


Rayhaan Irani

Current members of Pass the Aux pose for a group photo

Are you into music? Do you play an instrument—or sing in the shower? Then Pass the Aux may be the club for you! Students meet on Wednesdays, at 2:45, to share, listen to, and talk about their favorite songs and artists.

Music gives an opportunity to “create common ground, by exploring things together and finding similar tastes in music,” says club sponsor Brooke Horvatin, social worker. From alt to rock or pop, differing preferences for music genres reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds and identities of students. Pass the Aux aims to use the appreciation of song as a binding factor to build empathy and self-awareness.

As a social worker, Horvatin hopes that the club would become a calm space for students to feel comfortable and safe. Member Giovanni Boccia, ’25, summarizes it perfectly: Pass the Aux is simply “chill.”

With 9 members and counting, the club is fairly new to Glenbard North, but is open to everyone. While Pass the Aux “attracts the musical type of people, it’s also for the everyday kids who just like music,” Horvatin emphasizes. If interested, the next meeting is on November 16, 2022, in room 1235. Come make new friends, enjoy snacks, and jam out!