The Panther Closet

The Panther Closet is a way for the GN community to get free clothes for every season whenever needed. Anyone — teachers and students — can donate or take items. This could be shirts, pants, soaps, or even jewelry.


The Panther Closet was started by Jennifer Buck-Castaneda in March of 2020, but like a lot of other things, COVID-19 shut it down causing months of planning to be stopped. The Panther Closet can be accessed at any point by getting a key from the Main Office or Buck-Castaneda. It is easily accessible to students and staff, located in the student cafeteria.



Buck-Castaneda started the closet after seeing students dealing with financial problems. This is not just for people in need; it is also a fun way to connect with others at GN. 

The Panther Closet is a great opportunity to give back to the Glenbard community.  Donations can be made by contacting Buck-Castaneda, Mimi DiLeonardi, or by going to the Main Office.