India Night 2022 – The Magic Reborn

India Night 2022 - The Magic Reborn

Glenbard North’s Indian Student Association held its annual multicultural show on February 11 and 12. After two years of not performing in person, the students performed with such grandeur and passion it left everyone in shock. The title of the show was ISA Dosti Hai, which means ISA is friendship. It detailed the stories of how, as an organization the students not only become friends, they become a family. 

Despite the circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic, all the students managed to put on a show that reunited the bond that was slowly breaking apart. Ms. Benigno, a Spanish teacher at GN and an advisor for ISA, stated, “this year restored my faith in the students that run ISA. Everyone came together to work on something that is difficult. Finally seeing the end product made us realize how amazing it was. It brought together everyone and the payoff was a great one to see.” 

Similarly, Ms. Parikh, a GN counselor and ISA advisor, also added, “this past show has made me believe in humanity again. It made me happy. The show has made me a better person and helped me realize the beauty of ISA and its members even more.” 

The past two years strained the relationship between the members of ISA and it was very evident when the school year began. There was a clear line between the upperclassmen and underclassmen, but as time went on, the line slowly disappeared. Ziya Patel, ‘22, stated, “My Freshman year, I was scared to join, but as I got more involved all the seniors would make me feel loved. So I did the same this year and it helped me also reconnect with the new group. It was my way of engaging with others and making ensuring no one was left out.” 

Yet the pandemic has not only been bad for ISA, but it has also brought the organization some good. Both Ms. Parikh and Ms. Benigno stated that COVID 19 has brought a bountiful of changes. But they realized that “these changes have helped us progress and if you embrace the change, the outcome is almost always amazing.” 

When asked what made ISA such a unique experience, everyone responded with the fact that ISA is not easy to run. Most students start their freshman year and work for four years and then when it’s time to leave, it’s hard to step back and let go. The senior class that performed for the last time this year, realized that ISA has been a constant in their lives, and without it, they would not have been challenged or at their best. 

Patel mentioned that “ it has been the reason I pushed myself every day. It’s the only thing on my mind that motivated me to do better. It allowed me to be me at school and it tore me apart when I realized how time passed. It was hard to realize that I’m no longer a part of ISA as a member and have to watch for the sidelines.” 

Ms. Benigno remembered her time at GN and stated, “When I was a student, we didn’t have an ISA, but we had the same population of Indians. There was nothing, and this is something that everyone needs to showcase and learn about different cultures. I hope that ISA leads the way for other cultural groups to be celebrated and embrace others. And it always warms my heart to see non-Indian students join. As a non-Indian advisor, it’s amazing to constantly learn about India and it’s amazing to see how enthusiastic people are to share their culture regardless of where they come from.”

India Night 2022 was filled with laughter, blood, sweat, and tears. It may have just ended, but it’s now time for India Night 2023 to start its journey. It’ll be a new generation of students and families bringing together their talents to help everyone unite once again and bring back the magic that is ISA.