The Rundown on the Covid Booster Shot

   The Covid-19 booster shot has been available for a little while now. This shot will help boost immunity and protect against possible exposure to Covid-19. CDC data has shown that eventually immunity against Covid-19 goes down, and the booster shot can provide added protection. 

   Currently those eligible for the booster shot include all adults 65 years or older, as well as anyone 18 years or older with underlying health conditions and/or in high risk job settings. The groups who were vaccinated by Moderna or Pfizer also must have had their second vaccine shot at least six months prior to receiving the booster shot. Now, if someone had received the Johnson and Johnson vaccination, they can receive the booster shot two months after their shot. 

   Early signs show that the symptoms associated with the booster shot are similar to the ones many experienced after getting vaccinated. The common symptoms include  soreness, fatigue, and headaches. 

   “I know a few people who have received [the booster shot],” said GN teacher Chris Fridlund. “As far as I know, they experienced few to no symptoms.”

   Recently the FDA authorized the option of “mixing and matching” their booster shots for all fully-vaccinated people. For example, if someone received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine they could choose the Moderna booster shot – and vice versa. If someone originally got the one-dose J&J vaccine, they are also eligible to get either the Pfizer or Moderna booster if desired.

   “Personally, I think I’ll try and get my same shot when I get the booster, but those who did originally get the J&J vaccine may do better when they mix with Moderna and Pfizer, so I think that’s a positive,” GN teacher Brian Melton responded. 

   Whether or not additional booster shots will be required in the future has not been revealed. Some, like Fridlund, believe this will soon become regularly recommended. “I suspect it might be something that will be recommended that we get every year, kind of like the flu shot,” he said.