A Memorable Homecoming – Fall Festival


   After two years of self-isolating, Glenbard North is once again throwing a Homecoming! But what makes this year’s HoCo so special? This will be one night to remember with an unusual frame: instead of a crowded dance floor, be prepared to shimmy the night away outside and with the comfort of a bonfire. But to fully understand why this Homecoming is so special, let us dive back and understand why Homecoming is so important in our lives.

    The tradition of Homecoming started in 1914 to celebrate a sense of community and school spirit. It was not just about winning the football game, but showing the opponent how strong your community is and how much the school and community rely on each other. The name Homecoming also held meaning to the communities. It was an event to celebrate coming home and supporting your town and school. 

    But why does that matter to us in 2021? After two years away from school, this year’s Homecoming will unite the communities that makeup GN. Whether the Panthers win or not, the spirit of Homecoming is to show how strong our community is. 

    Now enough with the history, let us focus on the theme for our Homecoming this year: Fall Festival! It is nothing too crazy, but it is still unique in its own way. Every day leading up to the Homecoming football game is part of spirit week. GN will celebrate spirit week with Monochromatic Day, Twin Day, Y2K Day (a throwback to the 2000s) along with the Powderpuff game that evening, Tropical Day. Spirit Week will end with Black and Gold Day to support the Panthers on the field. 

    The Powderpuff game will be held on Wednesday, October 6 at Weber Field. When asked why they chose to participate in this year’s game, GN student Anna Carlson, ’22, responded with, “I chose to play in the powderpuff game for a few reasons. Those being that I’m on the Poms’ team so I was required to do it. Also, I want to show off my athleticism and step out of my comfort zone.” 

   Fellow student Elizabeth Welch, ’23, responded with, “I wanted to be able to play a fun game with other athletes and my friends in my grade.” 

   Both girls have shown their athleticism in other aspects such as Poms and softball, but Powderpuff hasn’t been easy. When asked what the hardest part was, Carlson explained, “The dedication to practices was the hardest part. I did not know I actually had to train for this game and showing up/being present both physically and mentally can be taxing.” 

   However,  Welch explained the hardest part for her was being able to throw a football in a spiral. 

   Both teams have put in lots of hard work and dedication while preparing for the upcoming game. Both girls explained they not only work hard to improve in the game but that they enjoy the camaraderie with their teammates and coaches. 

   Homecoming week is quickly approaching and GN is excited to see everyone celebrate with their school spirit once again!